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Mystic acts- 99teams is designed to give the actor the basics of the realistic Acting Technique and to give them a strong foundation on which they build their acting skills. Through a series of exercises and assignments each actor will become familiar with their “acting’s Craft”

This workshop is a continuation of Techniques. Through a series of exercises and improvisations each actor will further explore the specifics of acting. This workshop trains the actor about emotional life and its value in a scene and how to live moment to moment.

This workshop takes technique to its most advanced level. Each actor will explore their strengths and weaknesses in detail and learn about some of the more difficult aspects of acting like comedy, dealing with insecurities and working with a green screen. This is the most advanced form in acting technique.

Our team is having trained professionals from the field.

Anurag Chawla 

Casting Director  Anurag Chawla has made his marked in television industry , He has worked with many big banner projects and also he has being part of ads / movies and many more projects.completed his education for Delhi university , pass 10 years in Mumbai .

Abishek Pande 

Abhishek Pande he is basically from Allahabad and study in University of Allahabad T.P INTER COLLEGE KUNDA . He as done many projects in T.V industry has an actor, he has worked in many projects and recently worked in crime patrol , done movie has a lead named 'KATHOR' 


Amano Dhyan  is a casting head at Qissago Telefilms , he as being doing casting in industry since last 15 years, he has being part of many films, tv and ads also. Meditation Facilitator at Osho Meditation , Producer at Anvarat Theatre Foundation.

Vijay Kumar 

Vijay Kumar he is one of the very known actor in tv industry has being of many tv Serials. and rightnow working in Nimki Mukiya show completed his studied from central school of speech and drama swiss cottage london at K M collage delhi , studied FTII Pune at national school of drama in delhi.

Nirmal Kant Chaudhary 

Nimral Kant Chaudhary , as an Actor he has achieved lot of success , graduate from National school of drama ( specialization in Acting ) 1998-2001, worked in NSD Reportry company as a senior actor since 2001-2008 ,did several workshops with adults and children and there are many projects to look up too.

Ashok Banthiya 

Ashok Banthiya has worked in many tv serials and films as an actor he is basically from udaipur, Rajasthan and currently living in Mumbai 

Banwari lal Jhol 

Meenakshi Chanana

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