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Heart-throb-Jeevansh Chaddah

Heart-throb-Jeevansh Chaddah

The debutting story:
Jeevansh the handsome boy added a new feather to his wings. Just made his acting debut with Zee music video shot for Youtube! Where he was looking striking,stunning appealing and confident to an another level. And he shared his excitement with us......

Here's what he has to say ,"It was really great working with Zee Music,it was my debut song and I enjoyed every moment while shooting.
First of all I'd like to thank my director Mr.Sunil Agrawal for giving me such a great opportunity to act in a song sung and produced by Dr.Reena Mehta.

The entire team was wonderful,and my first experience in this industry have been really amazing.

Well,from the very beginning of my teenage years,I've always seen my dad acting in movies and serials and getting appreciated for the roles he play and choose. Just like a every little boy,my father played the role of my role model as well and there's where the talent came from.
Hence to polish my skills and nourish my abilities I joined Mystic Acts.
With the help of Amano sir and his guidance I stand here today" Aahaan!

Wish for the newbie:
Your dedication,enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring. We wish you more success,Prayers and good thoughts coming your ways....

Warm Regards,
Mystic Acts

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